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Protecting your

pet against Fleas and Ticks

Calling out to all pet-parents! It is summer time, which can only mean one thing – the insect rebellion is about to be unleashed on our pets. As the weather starts getting warmer, the humidity levels rise, which makes the weather conducive for the breeding of ticks and fleas, that eventually latch on to the coats of our pets.

Summer Ready

with Cat Dog Foods

Pets are sensitive to temperature. If you can’t handle the heat, your pets can’t handle it either. Make sure you’re paying special attention to them during the summer! While their whiskers droop when the sun goes up, sometimes the signs are a little more pressing.

Furry Member

Add them to Family

Congratulations! By bringing home a four-legged being, you’ve unlocked a decade of fun, laughter and warm cuddles. But excitement aside, every first time pet parent that brings home a puppy has the same question: “Okay, now what?” The way the first 48 to 72 hours pan out are very important building blocks.